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A big day for NBC, a bad one for MSNBC, a dumb one for Chris Matthews

Tuesday's big Nielsen winners: NBC, which had the highest ratings of any network for its daytime inauguration coverage, and CNN, which had the highest cable ratings. Biggest losers: American Idol, which lost 22 percent of its audience from last week (though it still won the night) and MSNBC, which was dead last among the cable nets.

Matthews Biggest blockhead: Chris Matthews, who shortly before Barack Obama was sworn in issued an on-the-air proclamation that MSNBC is the Official Network of Barack Obama. "It sure as hell helps to be on MSNBC today," said Matthews from his anchor booth. "Let's talk straight here: This is the network that has opened its heart to change, to change and its possibilities. Let's be honest. These people watch this network out here." I guess not.


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Killa Cam

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Glenn is in fact Gay.
I have proof.

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