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Lay your odds now: Matt Damon vs. William Kristol

Damonbike Maybe I should be Matt Damon's agent. It seems he stands to make $100,000 from chatting with me last week for a Miami Herald story. (I know, small change compared to what he pulls in from a Bourne movie, but even my editors would say it's pretty decent pay for having to talk to me for a couple of hours.) During the interview, Damon was rating the New York Times' columnists. His least favorite, he said, was conservative William Kristol: ''He's an idiot -- he wrote that we should be grateful to George Bush because he won the Iraq war. We! Won! The! War!''

Turns out that Andrew Breitbart, the former Matt Drudge associate who now runs a conservative-leaning website on politics and show biz called Big Hollywood, was reading Kristol the Herald Sunday and thought it would be fun to see a debate between Kristol and Damon. He quickly got Kristol to agree, and now he's offered $100,000 to Damon to participate. (The money can also go "to the charity or carbon credit of his choice," adds Brietbart.) I'm just hoping I can get press credentials to cover it.


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LOL.....Bill Kristol of course! I'm mean if Matt Damon is even man enough to accept that is.

I hope it happens though. It's about time that someone start challenging these actors and make them prove they don't need a script to appear to be smart and wise.

May next debate match up I would like to see: Tom Hanks vs Mitt Romney. Topic: Is religious bigotry unamerican?

Bob Williams

You've been called out, Mr Damon. Have you no honor, Sir?


Damon won't have the guts. No liberal can handle a real challenge.


I think if Damon agrees the left will try and get some judge who will let Damon ramble on all he wants and cut Bill Kristol off at every opportunity.

Either that, or the Hollywood elitists will just try and show down Mr. Kristol when he tries to make a point.


Bill Kristol by a mile! Much easier for Matt to spout his views to a nodding, smiling reporter than have to defend them against a pro like Kristol. Bring it!


Kristol is awful every time he's on the Daily Show - just an awful, predictible, passive-aggressive "comedy" show by a one-note, brow furrowing hack. Yet Kristol never seems prepared after many visits. Kristol's public performances there do little to recommend him as a man who would easily beat Damon at much of anything. I vote republican and will continue to. But Kristol is not the guy we should be eager to get behind.


Matt Damon and the majority of the Boston liberal,self involved Hollywood types are clueless.Damon playing the role of super agent is insulting to all the brave people who help protect the people of this country.That prote ction includes neophytes like Damon and his homies.I couldn't be paid enough to watch their films.


Matt Damon will, like all liberals, find some ridiculous excuse to not participate in the debate. It's just like liberals to spout off at the mouth with absolutely no facts to back up their statements.

Eh ... even though I enjoyed the Bourne movies, I think I'm sick of Matt Damon.

Beau Payne

Another good Hollywood actor ruining their films for me...I really enjoy most movies that Damon is in but again, I find myself disgusted with him and his self~absorbed actor brethren that I won't be watching him for some time...Damn you Damon, Tim Robbins too...Bull durham is a classic! Krystol would win this debate hands down but Damon would resort to the old Liberal mantra of yelling, screaming and talking over him to hide the fact that he is just another left~wing, hollywood nut~job who doesn't know jack!


Hey Damon! I'll put $50 toward your favorite apolitical charity if you do this! Here's your chance to put your money where your mouth is tough guy... IF you have cahonies larger than raisins, that is.


If Matt Damon is anything APPROACHING intelligent, he won't touch this bet. Kristol will hand him his hat.

Too many Hollywood stars believe all the fawning they hear, and they also want to believe they deserve all the money they make. I think Damon is a decent actor, but Kristol will kick his butt. PeeWee Herman would have a better chance in the ring against Mike Tyson.

However, like a Tyson/Herman 'match', seeing Damon and Kristol debate would be entertaining.

Chris Walker

I would pay good money for a Pay-Per-View television event to see that debate... I hope the super-agent wannabe accepts...


What is the Vegas spread on this? Probably a dollar will get you a dollar if you take Kristol. A dollar will get you early retirement if you go with Damon.

kiwi jack

Damon's handlers will throw in the towel by round two, before their charge gets to shed real blood.

However, his ego/face/bravado will be so damaged he'll be forced to eke out his living in second rate revisionings of old movies.

I'd definitely suggest he try out for the lead role in the upcoming, "On The Waterboard" in which he will get to utter the line... "I thought I was a pretender."

And being such a great actor, he'll say it with such conviction he'll completely miss the truth and irony of the line.

Tom in L.A.

Ha, I sent Damon a note via his agent about what I thought of his comments against Palin. I stand by my opinion of having said, "SHUT UP!"

I just wish I could debate him. I laugh all week afterwards at the expression on his face after I handed him 10 lbs of his butt on a plate.

Despite Damon having "been" to Harvard for a short time, he didn't graduate. A rocket scientist he's not, despite what he thinks of himself.

I'm willing to put $10 on Damon, just to have a chance to retire after this debate. I hope it's televised and has a decent moderator and they split the audience (if the even have one) 50/50 between liberals and conservatives instead of packing it like that loonytoon weenie (in my opinion) Bill Maher does against his conservative guests.

I don't go to Damon, Robbin's and most of the outspoken liberals' movies anymore because I refuse to put a buck in their pockets when I have to work too hard for what I get, and they want to distribute what I'll get when one day I've "made it."

It'd be great if everyone else boycotted them too, to the point they'd have to get real jobs and work up a sweat everyday, drive 2 hours in horrible traffic around L.A. just to get to and from work, like the "real" people do.

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