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Let me guess, he lives on Wisteria Lane, right?

Well, we've had a suburban pot dealer in Weeds, a suburban meth-maker in Breaking Bad, and suburban wife-swappers in Swingtown. Sounds like depravity in the 'burbs is pretty well played out. Wait! What's this? A suburban pimp? By golly, you're right, we haven't had that...yet. The production company Cinema Hill Motion Picture proudly announces that it's just completed work on a pilot titled PIMP-24/7 which it describes as a "riveting, sophisticated drama which centers on a well-spoken, educated street pimp who lives undetected by his suburban neighbors, while trying to protect his young nephews who are quickly becoming drawn into the procuring lifestyle." Stars include Gary Sturgis of Daddy's Little Girls and Antwon Tanner of One Tree Hill. Cinema Hill execs hope to get a deal with a network lined up this spring. First one to make a "Ward, I'm worried about the Beaver..." joke gets a hard slapping.


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sounds like my kinda tv show!

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