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Lou, how many Britney pix do we have on the front page tomorrow?

What would happen is somebody remade Lou Grant 30 years later. Well, to start with, Rossi would be Lougrant reassigned to the celebrity beat -- that brings in a lot more eyeballs to newspaper websites these days than all that tedious investigative reporting stuff. (And he'd have to write a blog, too.) Half the staff would be downsized, and the other half replaced by the 18-to-35 demographic that newspapers and TV both value now to the exclusion of stuffy old people who like words with their pictures. Beside, "is it too much to ask that our stars have more hair and less paunch?" asks a plaintive Joe Flint, director of industry programs at the Paley Center for the Media. Read his amusing piece on a Lou Grant for the modern newspaper environment here


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