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'October Road' is back from the grave, for 15 minutes

ABC has been pretty careless with the sensibilities of its faithful viewers the last few years, abruptly Octoberroad canceling serialized shows without giving their producers a chance to resolve the mysteries that lie at their hearts. Just last month the network did it twice, sending the prophet/brain-tumor victim hero of Eli Stone to his video grave without ever explaining his cryptic visions of the future, and eliminating the cute couple of Pushing Daisiesbefore we found out if romance is possible between a corpse and her reanimator.

But at least one ABC victim is fighting back. October Road, the story of a prodigal son who tries to return to a small town and the girlfriend he left behind a decade ago, was unceremoniously dumped by the network a year ago after a cliff-hanger episode in which the couple nearrrrrrly kissed. Now producer JoshAppelbaum has reassembled the cast to shoot a 15-minute mini-episode that will bring the show to a (hopefully) satisfying conclusion. It will be included on the second-season DVD of October Road. Are you guys at Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies listening?


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