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'United States of Tara': Four times the fun

The traditional family sitcom cry of "Is anybody home?" takes on a whole new meaning in United States Tara of Tara. Suburban mom Tara Gregson has dissociative indentity disorder -- what used to be called multiple personalities -- and her husband and kids never know who they'll find when they walk through the door each evening.

Will it be Tara, the successful career woman? Or T, the trash-mouth teenager in Daisy Dukes? Buck, the hard-bitten chain-smoking gun nut? Or Alice, the pie-baking mom in pumps who seems to have stepped out of a 1957 Betty Crocker ad? No wonder her teenage son, asked if his mother is home, replies: "Mom's here, but I don't know if Mom's here." Or that her daughter wearily complains: "Why can't Mom just be just be manic-depressive like all the other moms?"

From June Cleaver to Marge Simpson, you've never seen a TV mom quite like Toni Collette's Tara Gregson, and you've never seen a show quite like United States of Tara. Read my full review in Sunday's Miami Herald.


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Lesley Abravanel

I thought the family on The Riches was wacked. This show is insane. So entertaining. Toni Collette rocks.


Amazing how Toni Collette was first seen by a worldwide audience as the chubby title character in "Muriel's Wedding," and has emerged not that many years since as this "alter"-laden swan of sorts on "United States of Tara." I've seen an episode, and I'm convinced. I'll tune in again.
Thank you, Showtime!

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