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'Rockville, CA': the shorter cousin of 'Gossip Girl' and 'Chuck'

It's a plot twist way too silly to fit into his teen soap operas Gossip Girl or The O.C., too fantastic for his Rockville sci-fi spy spoof Chuck: Josh Schwartz, the hottest young producer in broadcast television, turns his back on TV to make five-minute webisodes for the Internet. But it's true.

''It sounds crazy, I know,'' concedes Schwartz, 32, whose Web series, Rockville, CA, has just started screening at thewb.com. ``Everybody else in television wants to make movies so they can tell stories in 90 minutes. And I want to go five minutes.

``But that's the state of my attention span these days. I watch five minutes of a show, and I'm ready to change the channel. I don't know whether it's the onset of adult ADD or just the way we've all been programmed.'' Read what Schwartz has to say about Rockville, CA, Gossip Girl, Chuck and the future of television in my story in Sunday's Miami Herald.


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Big Haiti

Funny, I was only able to put up with 40 seconds of Mr. Schwartz's Rockville. Lets just say that I don't suffer from adult ADD.

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