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ABC's 'Cupid': The head vs. the heart

Watching Dustin Hoffman's indefatigable pursuit of Katharine Ross in The Graduate on cable recently, I Cupid was struck by how much of his behavior that we thought so romantic in 1967 -- following her to college, skulking around her dorm, ignoring her pleas to stop calling, and finally, abducting her from her own wedding -- would get you arrested as a stalker these days. The line between grand romantic gestures and displays of mental instability, always vague, has been practically erased.

That's the conundrum at the battered heart of Cupid, producer Rob Thomas' magnetic remake of his short-lived and little-watched 1998-99 romantic comedy, in which the ancient Roman god of love finds himself undergoing compulsory psychotherapy from modern doctors who consider passion a mental illness. Read my full review of ABC's Cupid in Tuesday's Miami Herald.


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