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Can TV really drive you crazy? Possibly.

Everybody's seen that bumper sticker that says, ''Mental illness is contagious . . . you catch it from your kids.'' On Tuesday night, we're going to see if you can get it from television, with three shows that -- Mental intentionally or otherwise -- document seriously disturbed minds, with results ranging from riveting to revolting.

Mental, Fox's new drama about doctors at a psychiatric hospital, is a tepid, silly One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Lite. IFC's documentary New World Order is a fascinating -- and, ultimately, saddening -- documentary about obsessive conspiracy theorists who believe everything from the Kennedy assassination to 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina is part of one seamless web of oppression spun by a tiny cabal of global overseers. And The CW's reality show Hitched or Ditched, in which brides and grooms jilt one another at the altar in return for valuable prizes and their 15 minutes (now more like 15 seconds) of fame, is an out-and-out act of video criminality for which somebody needs to be punished. Read my full reviews in Tuesday's Miami Herald.


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