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'Goode Family': hilarious trashing of political correctness

Life's not easy if you're an organic-eating, tree-hugging, SUV-eschewing, carbon-footprintless, gender-Goodefamily identity-indifferent, diversity-celebrating, nonjudgmental (well, except for those damn U.S. flag pins) vegan pacifist. Just ask Gerald and Helen Goode, the First Couple of PC America.

They forget to check a box when adopting an African baby, and when little Ubuntu arrives, he's a white South African. They cart home free elephant dung from Barnum & Bailey for their organic garden, then remember that the circus exploits animals. They've raised their dog Che to be a vegan, but the neighborhood sure has a lot of missing squirrels. Even their hybrid car's bumper sticker is a blend of uneasy compromises: SUPPORT OUR TROOPS . . . AND THEIR OPPONENTS.

Welcome to The Goode Family, a scathingly funny report from the front lines of America's culture wars. Read my full review in Wednesday's Miami Herald.


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