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Paul Kangas leaving 'Nightly Business Report'

Kangas Paul Kangas, anchor of the PBS Nightly Business Report since 1979 when it was just a little Miami show, is retiring from the newscast at the end of the year. Kangas, 72, will still do the occasional commentary. But PBS is looking for somebody else to share the anchor desk with Susie Gharib.


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Paul created this show and made it what it is today--the most popular & widely viewed business television program on the air.

I find it disgraceful that the show and PBS are not doing more to recognize him and inform his viewers that he will be leaving the program.

I am very disappointed, indeed.

Sophia Pentel

Love Paul Kangas and I am very saddened that he is leaving the show that he created. He seems to loose a lot of weight and his voice is changed. Is he ill?


He certainly hasn't been very nice to Susie over the years. I'm glad to see him go. I cringed at how offhanded he has been at times, squelching her abruptly, contradicting her. I think it was a territorial issue. How she has endured it I don't know. Good riddance.

Richard Savoy

I too am shocked by the degree to which NBR has fallen in quality.

The loss of Stephanie Dhue, Jeff Yastine and the others, not to mention the irreplaceable Paul Kangas, has eviscerated the program.

Paul was a real "market man", he knew the stock market and the concerns of the individual investors who watched NBR come hail, hurricane, blizzard or tornado. Today, I would rather watch my cat sleep than listen to poor Tom Hudson pretend to know anything about stocks. He is no "market man". He is forced to display his vapid personality as he engages in a poltroonish performance waving his hands at things that aren't there. Poor devil.

I've tried to watch this horrid remnant of what was once a fine program but find that I cannot. I've have grown really tired of having to have my finger on the "mute" button to avoid having to listen to the odious music played to fill up the mostly empty show so as to get sooner to the end of the misery.

Strikingly unlike the kinds of guests Paul Kangas had, current NBR guests resemble blow-dried and air-headed weather people. They speak in clichés, tautologies and platitudes. None are “market men” or “market women””.

In the 1960's, pop-singer Joni Mitchell lamented that "don't it always seem that you don't know what you got till it's gone; they paved Paradise and put up a parking lot". Well, NBR is GONE, GONE, GONE and the parking lot they put up is full of poison ivy.

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