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Screen Gems: television the week of May 31

Burn Notice (9 p.m. Thursday, USA) -- I don't like to throw around superlatives, but without hesitation I Burnnotice2 will say that Burn Notice, USA's action comedy about a blacklisted spy, is absolutely the best TV show ever made in Coconut Grove this century. As it returns for a third season, the CIA is no longer mad at out-in-the-cold spy Michael Weston . . . but the Miami cops are. And if you've seen Dexter, you know that's much, much worse.

Stagecoach (10 p.m. Monday, AMC) -- John Ford's classic 1939 Western about a group of troubled passengers on a dangerous cross-country trip provided the template for everything from Alfred Hitchcock's Lifeboat to Joss Whedon's Firefly. And it's got John Wayne, too.

The Listener (9 p.m. Thursday, NBC) -- Finally, a doctor who tells you where it hurts. In this Canadian import, Craig Olejnik (The Timekeeper) plays a paramedic with telepathic abilities, apparently one of the little-understood benefits of socialized health care.

Royal Pains (10 p.m. Thursday, USA) -- USA Network may be getting a little carried away with this whole blacklisting thing. In this new comedy drama, Mark Feuerstein (Good Morning, Miami) plays a doctor blacklisted in New York City who's forced to move to the Hamptons and treat rich hot chicks: Grapes of Wrath for the millennial generation. Paulo Costanzo (Joey) plays his sidekick brother.

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Mark Feuerstein?!!! You've got to be kidding!! Don't the Royal Pains producers know that he's the kiss of death? Every show he's been in has tanked.

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