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The Mancow speaks: It wasn't a hoax

Here's a note from Mancow Muller, the Chicago DJ who appeared on Keith Olbermann's MSNBC show Mancow either being waterboarded, as Olbermann said, or pretending to be waterboarded, as Mancow's publicist said in private emails before he did it:

I am not a magician.  Many news cameras were there! Obviously, it was on the radio and I wasn’t in prison.  I’m also not a radicalized Muslim terrorist.  But it was not a hoax! I repeat: NOT A HOAX.

We kept telling management, the insurance companies, and the local Chicago cops we weren’t really going to do it - until we did.  Otherwise, they weren’t gonna let us do it! We got a U.S. Marine that told us he had studied how to do it and he volunteered to waterboard me in return for a mention of his charity.   

I was on a decline and I was waterboarded.  Was I in chains?  No.  Does that make it less real?  I am failing to get the point attempted by my detractors.  We never claimed it was an exact recreation. The CIA technique is exactly what we did:

1. Keep the chest elevated above the head and neck to keep the lungs “above the waterline”

2. Incline the head, both to keep the throat open and to present the nostrils for easier filling.

3. Force the mouth open so that water can be poured into both the nose and mouth.

Sorry, I thought for years it wasn’t torture and now I do.  The video is there for all to see. The left has taken my message and distorted it as well.  Would I waterboard to save my daughters (or any American children)? Yes!

The three terrorists that were waterboarded at Guantanamo were done so by military professionals.  And it was done to save lives with America’s best interests at heart.  Mine was a silly radio time filler in comparison.  It's apples & hand grenades! It would be insane to equate what I did with anything that happens in prison.  I am simply a free man in a radio studio that always tries to get inside the big issues.  This is an ugly issue with no easy answers.  But I now see it’s easier for some to dismiss me
than to do any real soul searching on this very heady issue.  


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spacecoast steve

So, dude, are you going to comment at all about your error-filled previous post that most of the commenters debunked?

Or are you going to be like most spineless bloggers who never fess up to their idiotic rantings when exposed, hoping nobody notices how much of a subpar reporter they actually are?

Why not defend your "reporting" by responding to comments on your blog?

By the way, make sure to catch KO tonight where he addresses this Gawker blather.


Now look here, Spacecoast Steve, and all the rest of you buggers. I'll say it first: if what Mancow is now blathering is even half true, then he would never, but never, be able to get insurance again. That alone tells me that he is lying.

Mancow is "conservative" the way David Brock is now "conservative" even after he kissed Hillary Clinton's fundament.

(Typed while sitting at a console, feet propped on the desk, the soles of my shoes facing the screen, after having eaten sausage for my main meal. Take that, blanket-heads.)


Mr Garvin -

How do you like your crow prepared?


That's what I thought.

Anywho, as far as Mancows comments, it's too bad nothing came out of the waterboarding of those people in Guantanamo but a lot of bogus information that ran on Fox News and turned out to be nothing.


Below is a comment I tried to leave on Garvins first article that KO and ManCow hoaxed this whole gig...however: I was not able to leave the comment there possibly due to others calling this jackass out on his ill reporting! I wouldn't be so agitated right now if this FTard would have done the right thing and got his facts straight instead of following the rule of thumb from Fox and just out right lying to us! No mention that he's sorry..no mention of making it all better by sending some money to this charity as well.. hell..if your going to make it right..make it right!!!! I am however still laughing over his concrete source... Gawker..omglmaoo don't they stalk people?
I'm glad to see most here aren't falling for this reporters tactics which boarder on Propaganda. he should have been studying FoxNews a little closer to get it right! As someone said above...you got your facts from who? Gawker? Isn't that the group that stalks people? When I seen the headline piece for this story I was a little perplexed because ManCow said Water Boarding was NOT torture..why then turn around and say..*It's Torture..yup..I was wrong* I normally don't like this guy..but to turn around and admit your wrong...well, hell, let's just face facts...most people in todays world would never NEVER admit they're wrong..specially if they're a fan of Fox!!!!


Glenn, I repeat:

Is your previous column your attempt at 15 minutes?

Or just a cry for help?

Here's to hoping you meet the Newspaper Layoff God soon.

Latin America needs people who like torture.

Mr. Civility

Glenn, I really do hope that you'll stop feeding that brain of yours so much FNC crapola. Get out now and then, get away from so much Rush in the afternoon and Billo in the evening. There's a great big world of stories out there that aren't made up that you can piggyback on, so you should start your journalistic rehab now before your editors catch on...


When I have a "heady" issue to deal with I turn to Mancow EVERY time. Like when he once talked about the Tickle Me Elmo doll as a sex toy. Indeed...he is a true intellectual and a man we should all hold in high esteem. Like Keith Olbermann, Bill O'Reilly Rush Limbaugh and pretty much anyone on Air America he elevates political discourse to a higher level.

spacecoast steve

Didn't think so... oh well...

and btw... Temlakos... what the heck are you talking about???

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