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Screen Gems: television the week of June 21

Virtuality (8 p.m. Friday, Fox) -- Thoughtfully scheduled on a Friday night, when most sci-fi geeks are at Virtuality home trying to clone themselves, this TV movie from the producers of Battlestar Galactica could become a series if it draws enough eyeballs. The show follows a spaceship on a 10-year voyage to another solar system. To pass the time, the crew has been equipped with a virtual-reality program that allows them to pretend they're surfing off Hawaii, fighting in the Civil War or boinking movie stars. But who's this increasingly sinister green-eyed guy who's begun turning up in everybody's virtual sessions?

Iran and the West (9 p.m. Monday, National Geographic Channel) -- Thirty years of diplomatic dysfunction wrapped into two thoughtful, informative and depressing hours. A good companion piece is Be Like Others, airing on HBO2 at 8 p.m. Wednesday: the unhappy plight of transsexuals in Iran.

Gimme Sugar: Miami (10 p.m. Monday, Logo) -- A reality show on South Florida's lesbian club scene. Look, could anybody in Miami who's not on a reality show just raise his hand?

NYC Prep (10 p.m. Tuesday, Bravo) -- A reality-show version of Gossip Girl, in which the kids aren't as pretty and don't speak such clever dialogue but somehow are even more spoiled.

The Philanthropist (10 p.m. Wednesday, NBC) -- ''The heroic adventures of a billionaire playboy-turned vigilante/philanthropist.'' Really -- I copied that right out of the NBC press release. Clearly inspired by Donald Trump's bringing that rogue Miss America to justice.

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