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WTVJ axes Kelly Craig

Kellycraig After 19 years anchoring at WTVJ-NBC 6, Kelly Craig is out of a job. Also hitting the video bricks: sportscaster Andrea Brody and tech reporter Joe Carter, all victims of the lagging economy. My pal Joan Fleischman has the details.


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I miss her. She was warm, funny, and the last time she got sacked(August of 1992, post-Andrew), she was brought back, presumably due to viewer acclaim. Too bad that's not the case now. I hope she finds a new position somewhere else on the airwaves.

Terri Oster

I watched that show every day just to see her. She was not young, thin, or hispanic I connected with her and I loved her realism. I am a native Miamian a child of the 50's and have seen a lot go and go. I will miss her.

Melyssa Soles

Have not watched the show since she left the show. She made the show. He was funny down to earth just a real person. I can't believe they let her go. Would love to see her on another channel.

Melyssa Soles

oops ment to say "She was funny ..."


I am sorry to hear that. I had a huge crush on her and would watch the news to to see her beautiful face.


bring her back i loved to watch the saturday morning news with her. she was good at what she did.she did a profressional job and with her funny wit it was fun to watch the news.sometime no... most of the times i dont know what the big executive are thinking when they let somenoe like her go.ps i dont watch that station news on saturday anymore its ch 10 for me now


That's too bad.The show is definitely not the same without her.She added so much humor to the show.I made it a point to watch the show because of her .I dont go out of my way to watch it anymore.

Viviana Hernandez

I new there was something missing in the show, I just realized Kelly was gone, wow I googled her named and realized the had been fired. Big mistake! I find myself changing channels at 11:00 am. She had a great sense of humor, i practically grew up with her. I hope the station brings her back, i can imagined they fired her cause she made alot of money, but still she made the show. When she gets another show I will change to wherever she is, I love her!


Why would you want to loose so many viewers? Kelly was the only reason most of us (non-hispanics) watched. Now this show is just like all the rest of them with boring hispanic girls. We do not watch anymore. Hope Kelly gets her own show.


I am hispanic and the only reason I used to watch the morning news was Kelly - what a great personality, funny, simple, natural, honest.
What will be the future for NBC Miami now? Kelly gone, Bob M. gone, Andrea, Tony S., Joe Carter real profesionals. replacements for all of them are a very poor choice.
Hurracaine Andrew was my very first experience ever,I come from a country where we dont have hurricanes - but we do have earthquakes !!! - I spent that night listening Ch 6 on the radio and she really did a great great job; we dont see that king of professionals any more.
It could be if she's back ....
My only choice of news was Ch6 - week days AM before work and the week ends.... sorry but not any more,
i switched to CH 10 ....


The current morning line-up STINKS -- flakey and silly! I miss Kelly Craig. She was witty and smart. Her humor had substance.
Frankly, I also think Trina Robinson can come off as judgemental and inappropriate sometimes.


Some company should hire this talented woman and they will increase their market share in South Florida. The young latin women in their short tight dresses do not reflect the demographics in Fort Lauderdale. We miss Kelly, and wish her the best.



11-12 weekdays on cnnl 6 has some cute short skirted women for sure. but a whole hour..should take 30 minutes of it and put Kelly Craig back in there.


I am a hispanic and I used to watch NBC6 just to listen to her sharp wit and intelligence (Kelly Craig). So not all hispanics watch hispanics.

She is a smart lady and there is no one like her today. I also got the pleasure of meeting her in person and she is just as pleasant off the air. This is another example why young, thin and tanned is not always the way to go- You need some substance, intelligence, and great sense of humor. Kelly Craig-hopefully you are still reporting.

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