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Love in the Nicaraguan ruins

In Nicaragua, Sunday will be a day of political passion. Millions of Nicaraguans will celebrate -- or revile -- the 30th anniversary of a revolution that ended four decades of authoritarian rule by the Somoza dynasty, and began a decade of totalitarian rule by a Marxist party, an event that colors the country's politics to this day.

Asman In the New York City apartment that Fox Business News anchor David Asman shares with his Nicaraguan-born wife Marta Cecilia, the passion will be of an entirely different kind. Even though they didn't meet until five years later or marry for another five after that, the Nicaraguan revolution in a way is their anniversary.

It drew in David, who as a journalist covered its twisting path; and it repelled Marta Cecilia, leading her to a dinner with political dissidents that ended in a storybook wedding -- that is, if your idea of a storybook is something written by John Le Carré.

''It's not your average love story,'' concedes David, ``but it's a good one.'' Read the whole tale in Sunday's Miami Herald.



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