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Okay, equal time for you 'True Blood' geeks

If you sit around on Sunday nights wishing you were at Merlotte's pounding back warm bottles of synthetic Trublooddrink fake blood, well, your time has come. HBO has announced that in September it will start marketing a real-life version of the synthetic blood that the tame teetotaling vampires drink while trying to slurping from the necks of their human neighbors in its series True Blood.Omni Consumer Products, which actually makes the stuff (called, just as in the series, Tru Blood) claims it's a "great tasting, refreshing and enlivening drink." Which is odd because the vampires in the show are always denouncing it as tasteless, dull and generally the vampire equivalent of tofuburgers, but whatever. Go ahead, order some, though I'm told you'll want to keep some vodka on hand.


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