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Regis & Kelly & Louis & Lynn -- it could happen

Regisandkelly If you love WSVN-Fox 7's Louis Aguirre and Lynn Martinez -- or even if you loathe them and just wish they'd get out of town for a Aguirre,jpeg couple of days -- here's your big chance. Live! With Regis And Kelly(which, imagine the coincidence, airs in South Florida on WSVN) is letting viewers vote on which local broadcasters should co-host the show for the day. And Aguirre and Martinez Martinez have made the top 20 list. You can vote for them here, but the deadline is 10 p.m. Tuesday, after which station management will club them like baby seals if they don't win. Well, probably not, but that's only because WSVN lacks my promotional genius.


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Couch Potato

are you kidding me? those two are the most unprofessional, ridiculous anchors, if you can call them that. It's embarassing. There is no way they can hold their own on national TV. Only in Miami.


I am very entertained by them I say give them a shot....everyone deserves a shot....yes only in America...have a sence of human we can all use one...

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