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NFL: Coming to a computer near you

Nflonline If you want to see how television is splintering into what seems like a million different delivery platform, just take a look at NFL coverage. Not only will all of NBC Sunday Night Football games be available on the web this fall, Direct TV is experimenting with making its NFL Sunday Ticket package -- which enables subscribers to see up to 14 live games every Sunday -- available on your computer.

The NFL Sunday Ticket package will be available only in Manhattan this fall. For $350 ($50 more that television subscribers pay), fans who can't get Direct TV because their line of sight is blocked by skyscrapers will be able to pick up the games on a computer or cell phone. If all goes well, Direct TV will start rolling out the offer across America next fall.

But no need to wait until then if you want to watch football on your laptop. All 17 Sunday-night games will be available at NBC.com and NFL.com. The sites' videoplayer will allow the high-definition stream to be be replayed in slow motion or switched to four different camera angles. By next season, it'll probably come with telestrator software, too, so you can diagram plays for your buddies or dog.


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