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TV giveth, and TV taketh away

Hollywood births and deaths:

** Newest addition to ABC's Dancing With The Stars is former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. If the show, which debuts Sept. 21, has a tap-dancing event, he's a cinch.

Savinggrace ** It's last call for Holly Hunter's debauched cop in Saving Grace. TNT will wrap the show up in an abbreviated nine-episode season next summer. Cause of death: money, or the lack of it. Ditto for Reno 911 over at Comedy Central.

** NBC, which apparently thinks there's still viewers to be had among comic-book readers despite the declining ratings of Heroes, has picked up a show based on DC Comics' Midnight, Mass. The comic, a sort of ghost-busting version of The Thin Man, follows a sophisticated married couple as they investigate paranormal mysteries. Hollywood has tried to adept Midnight, Mass. into a film for years with no success; now TV will take its shot.


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how bout Miami Social?


Sixteen celebrities in the dancing show including one leader... i think its good way of popularity.

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