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What do Glenn Beck and the Dixie Chicks have in common?

It's not exactly television, but...

Boycott I'm not sure they read this column very regularly, but I'll say it anyway to the left-wing pressure groups trying to hound Fox News shoe-pounder Glenn Beck off the air: Three cheers for you! And you granola-heads boycotting Whole Foods since company CEO John Mackey traitorously said healthcare is not a right -- go for it! Just one question, though: Does this mean we can start burning our Dixie Chicks CDs again?

If there's been a single salutary effect of the ``hey it's Monday let's spend another trillion dollars'' Obama presidency, it's the rediscovery by the American left that economic boycotts are not a fascist threat to democracy but a legitimate form of First Amendment speech. That is what the boycotts against Beck and Mackey mean, isn't it, guys? Read my full op-ed column in Tuesday's Miami Herald.


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