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ABC's 'FlashForward' is noisy but interesting

If you could see the future, would you try to change it? If you're an ABC executive and the future is 14Flashforward  million viewers evaporating in a puff of Nielsen smoke when Lost wraps ups its final episode later this season, the first answer is: You betcha! And the second is: FlashForward, the network's sci-fi series that debuts Thursday.

Opening with a cataclysm, then following characters as they cope with the fallout while trying to figure out what happened and why, FlashForward shares not only Lost's dramatic formula but even its crack-in-time plot devices.

In this case, the catastrophe that gets the show rolling is not a desert-island plane crash but a worldwide blackout: Seven billion people lose consciousness at the same moment, then wake up two minutes and 17 seconds later after a series of flickering hallucinations. Read my full review in Thursday's Miami Herald.


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