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Do Jenna and Courteney really have to put out to get jobs?

ElfmanBack in the Dark Ages of television, female TV characters had no sex lives. Man, do I wish we could go back to those days! The first bare trickle of female eroticism, Mary Tyler Moore's birth control pills, that eventually grew to a tidal wave of promiscuity with the Sex and the City tarts, has finally hit Al-Gore-global-warming-flood proportions, with entire shows built around celebrations of sluttiness.

There is something seriously wrong when Jenna Elfman and CourteneyCox Cox, two of the outstanding television comediennes of their generation, can't get shows on the air without turning themselves into tawdry clichés out of a 1965 Playboy jokebook.

Back then, the characters they play in Accidentally on Purpose and Cougar Town would have been horny housewives, jumping the bones of mailmen and meter readers in between morning laundry and making the kids' lunches. These days, they're horny career women, prowling bars in search of young hunks for one-night stands. But the smuttiness and smallness -- the reduction of every human impulse to a cheap, hormonally charged punch line -- remain the same. Read my full reviews of Accidentally on Purpose and Cougar Town in Monday's Miami Herald.


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