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Hey, Nancy! The left has been out for blood, too!

It's not exactly television, but...

PelosiFor one, brief shining moment last week, I thought Nancy Pelosi must be the bravest American politician of the century, standing up to her own nutball constituency in the interest of American political politesse. After all, when she tearfully told a press conference that the partisan bombast should be dialed down several notches lest it turn bloody -- ``I saw this myself in the late '70s in San Francisco, this kind of rhetoric . . . it created an environment in which violence took place'' -- she had to be talking about left-wing violence, right?

Because when you talk about political murder and mayhem in San Francisco 30 years ago, the trigger was almost always pulled or the cyanide Kool-Aid poured by a leftist. Read my full op-ed column in Tuesday's Miami Herald.


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Please keep your idiotic political views off of a blog about television. Republicans are trying their best to ruin the country I don't need to see it everywhere I look.

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