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On Fox, the return of the black family sitcom

When The CW last spring canceled Everybody Hates Chris and let The Game move over to BET, it created Cleveland  a startling gap: For the first time in nobody-can-remember-how-many years, there wasn't a single black family sitcom on broadcast television. A network staple since Diahann Carroll broke the color barrier in 1968 with Julia was, to borrow a perhaps infelicitous phrase, gone with the wind.

Extinction, however, didn't last long. Fox is debuting two black sitcoms over the next three days -- and at least one of them is likely to stick around, if for no other reason than it's a cartoon produced by Seth MacFarlane, who comes about as close to being cancel-proof as you can get without sleeping with a network president. Read my full reviews of MacFarlane's The Cleveland Show and the live-action sitcom Brothers in Friday's Miami Herald.


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