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The Odd Couple, 2009: Katie Couric and Glenn Beck

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Can't get enough Katie Couric? She debuts a new webcast Tuesday, @KATIECOURIC,  that's devoted exclusively to one-on-one interviews. First up: Fox's Glenn Beck, who among other things makes some surprising comments about the way he voted in the 2008 election.


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cliff c kirtley

beck is a god freak , talks how america was founded on a god that is a lie, they is why they came to america get a way from the poniz of religion,Approximately 80% of all people on earth believe in a god or gods. How can we reconcile this widespread belief in supernatural beings with an indisputable fact: There is not even the slightest shred of objective evidence proving the existence of alleged supernatural beings, such as a god or gods.We can trace the origins of religion to the prehistoric development of man between 500,000 and 100,000 years B.C. It was during this long period of human evolution that religious emotions and motivations became hard-wired into the human brain and genes.

During subsequent periods of human evolution, from hominoids to Neanderthal man to Cro-Magnon man, these primitive forms of religion imbedded themselves ever more firmly into the genes of human beings. These genes for susceptibility to religion and superstition remain among of the most pervasive and powerful motivators of man.

By means of prayers and alleged miracles, religion provides the illusion of security and comfort in this life and the promise of a splendiferous life after death, What more could man ask for?

wake up america dont raise your kids on a fairy tale as you where

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