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Dear Michelle, wish you were here...

It's not exactly about television, but ...

Dear Michelle:

Postcard2 Sure wish you were here -- China is really cool. Hey, remember how Nixon kept repeating, ``It is truly a great wall''? Well, it really is big. Maybe we were wrong and he wasn't stoned after all -- just having a teachable moment.

Honey, you were soooo right about that that jobs summit thing. Since I announced that I'm inviting ``CEOs and small business owners, economists and financial experts, as well as representatives from labor unions and nonprofit groups'' to the White House next month to talk about creating jobs, everybody's stopped asking me why the unemployment rate is still going up. I haven't even heard any wisecrack questions about whether ACORN will be putting on training seminars for pimps and hookers. Though maybe that's just because Fox News isn't on TV here.

Really, I didn't think it would work. You'd think that after promising that unemployment wouldn't get much past 8 percent if we spent a trillion bucks on a stimulus package, everybody would be little ticked off about the Labor Department report that says it hit 10.2 percent last month and is still climbing.

Instead, everybody's talking about what a genius I am for calling a summit. (For the rest of the postcard, read my column in Tuesday's Miami Herald.)


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