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Lou Dobbs quits CNN

CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, an object of swirling controversy for his blunt and sometimes bellicose stands Dobbs4questioning President Obama's birth certificate and demanding a crackdown on illegal immigration, has quit the network. "This will be my last broadcast," he told viewers Wednesday night, adding "I'm considering a number of options and directions, and I assure you I will let you know when I set my course." Dobbs also has a radio show, and he reportedly met last month with Fox News boss Roger Ailes, who has been hunting for new talent to beef up the low-rated Fox Business Network.

Dobbs had a contract with CNN running through 2011, but his increasingly contentious on-air persona seemed to put him at odds with his own network over the past few months -- particularly his dogged attacks on the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate. CNN boss Jon Klein has publicly and pointedly noted that Dobbs' radio show (where some of his most provocative attacks on Obma occurred) is not a CNN production. Klein also emailed staffers of Dobbs' CNN shows that the birth-certificate issue was "dead."

Dobbs started with CNNat chief economic correspondent in 1980 and has been there ever since, except for a brief stint running a web site on space travel. He helped found CNN fn, the company business network that aired from 1995 to 2004.


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Bob E sherman

Does this mean you won't be reading my email on the air?


Good Riddance


Let him go work for cnn in afganistan

coo coo dancer

Hamburger face sucks


If Lou Dobbs is gone there is absolutely no reason to watch CNN anymore. Besides Lou CNN is worthless.


Lou - you were a bastion of normalcy amongst a bunch of low IQ CNN bolsheviks. Another reason I shall not be watching CNN much.


I wonder if Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Gibbs told CNN that Lou Dobbs had to go at their latest monthly "Networks for Obama Club" meeting.

Lao Tzu

Lou Dobbs look great in Nazi SS Uniform! Very dashing, with death-head emblem on cap! He PERFECT for Fox!!!


The bigot is FINALLY gone!


some of these comments are so intelligent...maybe that is why you don't like to listen to Lou Dobbs or sometimes think about something he questions. Put on your rose colored glasses because we are going down...folks. Seems to me Hitler worked the same way. Don't like what someone is saying...you are gone.....


Great news! I'm among those who switched from CNN whenever I heard his vitriolic voice. Now CNN can recover that hour for more centrist discussions.

Lao Tzu

i listen to Lou and think about what he says. that's exactly why i happy to denounce him as a kneejerk xenophobic fascist hate-mongering simpleton!


Many prayers have been heard (no joke). I'm ecstatic he's gone. He is all about hate. Let him go to FNC (FALSE NEWS CHANNEL or FEAR NEWS CLUB, your pick). Perfect place for bigots like beck and rove and others. These people bring no value to our society. This coming from a republican who can't stand bigots and leftists.


Dobbs was the only one left at CNN that most people ever watched. CNN has the absolute worst ratings for so many shows like AC 360 and Larry King.

I'm a lifetime blue dog Democrat and I stopped watching CNN's politically-correct, left leaning news coverage a few years ago. They won't be successful until they get rid of all of the Anderson Cooper and Larry King liberal types.


Thank God the bigot has left. I was wondering how long CNN would support such a racist so called 'news man' who pandered to the low IQ idiots of the world, like the Palin supporters.....

I'm sure he will be happy at Fox where his radical views can be expressed as his sponsors run away as fast as he comes on board. This is great!


Hopefully Rick Sanchez and Wolf Blitzer are the next to go. Those left wing dummys should be working for Hugo Chavez.


La Raza and the liberal bigots are truly disgusting people. There crusade to silence Lou Dobbs is shameful and un American. CNN is patheitc.


The birth issue helped him get sh** canned. The people that buy that lie are easily brain washed or suffering from dementia. I believe Dobbs has the latter.


Dobbs rarely discussed the birth certificate issue. When he did, Dobbs said he believes Obama was born in the country, but he doesn't understand why Obama wont release his original (long form) birth certificate. I agree with Dobbs. Why do we only get to see the short form birth certificate that was printed from a computer database? Why can't we see the original? What is Obama hiding?


Lou Dobbs was the last voice of reason and sanity left on TV. From now on it will be 100% pap and crap forever, except for venom, hate, bigotry and sometimes comic relief from the Fox crowd.


Dobbs was the only one left at CNN that most people ever watched. CNN has the absolute worst ratings for so many shows like AC 360 and Larry King.****************************************Did it ever occur to you that Lou Dobbs is the reason that they ratings are so low. The ratings were sky high when he did the business news and just reported the facts and not his opinions.

Perhaps we should ask Lou to show his birth certificate. I think he's a Nazi from Germany. Was anyone aware that his real name is Dobbinsnitz?

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