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Lou Dobbs speaks...on Fox News

Lou Dobbs hasn't talked to a reporter since his startling on-air resignation from CNN Wednesday. But that's Dobbs5 about to change: He'll appear Monday night on Bill O'Reilly's Fox News show. Doing his first interview (or so it appears right now; it's possible Dobbs could sit down with somebody else before Monday) with Fox News is bound to bolster speculation that Dobbs is headed for a job at the network or its sister channel, Fox Business, which has swirled since he was reportedly spotted at dinner with Fox boss Roger Ailes last month. But the Fox folks are denying the daylights out of any negotiations with Dobbs.

One likely topic of discussion Monday: This New York Post report that Dobbs was so unhappy with CNN boss Jon Klein that he walked away from $9 million. Dobbswas "incensed" last summer when Klein sent out a memo impliticitly criticizing his show for spending too much time on speculation that President Obama's birth certificate is phony, the Post says.

UPDATE: For whatever it's worth, Fox News says the interview will be done on O'Reilly's set in New York, not via satellite, ESP or smoke signals. In case you were wondering.


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