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Screen Gems: TV the week of November 15

WWII in HD (9 p.m. Sunday, History Channel) -- Using diaries, letters and recently unearthed film that's Wwii been converted to high-definition, this series -- 10 hours over five nights -- follows a dozen Americans (including a Tuskegee airman, an Army nurse and a Japanese-American soldier whose parents were locked up in an internment camp) through World War II.

Search for the Amazon Headshrinkers (9 p.m. Sunday, National Geographic Channel) -- Last week, PBS had a documentary on headshrinkers in Asia! If this trend continues, watch the Disney Channel next week for a documentary on headshrinkers in the Magic Kingdom. Donald? Donald!!

Let me program your TiVo! Just click on my best bets for the week at www.tivo.com/guruguide.


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