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'The Prisoner': A good argument for capital punishment

The list of Stuff From The 1960s That Doesn't Need To Be Relived just keeps getting longer: Beehive Prisoner hairdos. Frankie and Annette movies. The Bay of Pigs. Fallout shelters. The Cowsills. And now the latest entry, The Prisoner. Though it would eventually be hugely influential, the original 1968 version went almost unwatched. AMC's new remake is merely unwatchable.

Dismal and disoriented, under-plotted and over-allegorized, the six-hour Prisoner miniseries that debuts on AMC Sunday night (it continues in the same time slot on Monday and Tuesday) is an exercise in full-tilt dramatic tedium that will appall anybody who remembers the original and bewilder anyone who doesn't: What was the big deal about that? Read my full review in Sunday's Miami Herald.


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