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2009: That was the year that was

Midnight It's not exactly television, but..

Just when you're thinking it's the end of a rotten year at the end of a rotten decade, something happens to restore your faith. I'll admit it, I thought something a little sketchy was going on out there in Phoenix, for instance. Crazy Joe Arpaio, the local sheriff, was having his deputies pull over vehicles for having broken tail lights, then checking to see if the drivers were illegal immigrants. Maybe there was just a teensy bit of ethnic profiling involved?

But that wasn't it at all. Jerry Sheridan, Crazy Joe's director of custody -- I think in English, we call that ``jailer'' -- explained that ethnicity has nothing to dowith it. Their deputies are just hyperalert to the subtle nuances of international culture.

``I think you can tell people that are not from this country,'' Sheridan told a local TV station. ``And I'm not talking Hispanics. Maybe someone from France looks a little different than somebody from Europe.''

I'm relieved that despite my faithless cynicism, Crazy Joe has dauntlessly gone about his constitutional duty of getting those sinister French wetbacks (not to mention the thieving, promiscuous and plague-ridden Europeans) under control. I'm turning over a new leaf when the calendar changes pages later this week, and so should you. This New Year, we should all resolve to...Read my full op-ed column in Tuesday's Miami Herald.


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