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CNN: The night time is the wrong time

CNN boss Jon Klein's fifth anniversary at the network comes up next week. But he's already gotten a glum CNN2.jpeg.little present: Last Thursday, for the 100th time during the past year, CNN placed fourth in the prime-time cable-news ratings in the advertiser-friendly age 25-to-54 demographic. OK, technically it was only the 98th time CNN has finished fourth -- on two nights, it was actually fifth, trailing both CNBC and HLN, as they call Headline News these days. If Nick at Night starts airing Walter Cronkite reruns, I shudder to think where CNN might wind up.

UPDATE: This item originally said, incorrectly, that CNN 100 times finished in fourth place for the entire day. Actually, the fourth-place finish was for prime-time hours. During many daytime slots, CNN finishes second to Fox News in the 25-to-54 demo. (It's MSNBC that's the weak sister of cable news during daylight, frequently lagging in fifth place -- sometimes with as few as 55,000 viewers in the 25-to-54 demo.) CNN executives argue that the daytime hours are a pure news competition, but that they're an apple among oranges after sundown when Fox News and MSNBC turn mostly to opinion and analysis shows. "CNN is the only cable news channel that continues to provide non-partisan programming representing all points of view in weekday prime," a network spokeswoman said.


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John Gillett

As soon as CNN switched from a news organization to spewing Obama propaganda it's very hard to take them seriously...Even the National Enquirer does a better job of reporting news than CNN.

CNN gambled that everybody would actually worship Obama...instead they lost the respect of many viewers-- democrats and repubs--and the ratings show it.

My Turn

C ommunist N ews N etwork...
What a joke...
You and MaObama deserve one another...


While waiting to get a badge in a govt (Military) facility I got to watch CNN for a couple hours. Same thing, hour after hour. And they wonder why nobody watches. Oh, and the Obama/left wing worshiping doesn't help. Their ratings wouldn't be so high but I found out that CNN is the only channel they are allowed to watch, same thing for the airports. Makes you wonder....

Ronnie Van Zant

CNN could redeem itself somewhat by doing an HONEST report on the Climategate scandal and the entire global warming scam, but that would require objectivity, and that went out the window a long time ago. They're just another pathetic libtard news organization, stuck in their ways.

Vince Hugh

What is amazing is that CNN and MSNBC for that matter think in terms of 'agenda' versus what would bring the most viewers. They are so set in their liberal agenda that they simply can't believe that there is a larger world out there who are conservative in nature and don't want to watch channels that are so biased in their news coverage. That is why FOX is so popular because they cover issues much more fairly and in the line of thinking of commonsense conservatives.

Anderson Obamabagger

As soon as Anderson Cooper stops teabagging Obama and Co., CNN should benefit from a meaningful pop in non-Obamamaniac viewership.


I thought CNN said it was trying to be more objective? Shouldn't they get rid of their more liberal personalities and not just Lou Dobbs? All liberal all the time equals poor ratings.


CNN is a bunch of Israel/Jew hating anti-semites. Sensible Jews have been boycotting them for years - I still have my CNN LIES bumper sticker on my truck. After the Iraq confession they should have fired everyone involved. Of course they did no such thing.

CNN deserves their failure in ratings. I for one wish it would have come years ago. Let's hope they die a fast death and that our country will no longer be plagued with their lies.


CNN Production meeting:

ClimateGate. Can't talk about that
Tea Parties? haven't seen any.
Government fraud. We can't find a thing.
10% + unemployment. Can't cover that.
Stimulus Waste. Nope.
War on Terror. no such thing.
Tiger Woods Scandal. Let's run with that....


CNN is an absolute farce. They are biased in ALL their "reporting". They negotiate with dictators to gain access. They "kill" that are not pleasant for their political allies. Their talking heads format of two opposite view points is trite and unenlightening. They wrap all segments with a nice polite agreement with whatever was said, regardless of how ridiculous, outrageous and outright false it may have been. I finally quit watching. I am a better person for it.

John Doe

It's why are they so high...4th...


Compliant News Network. It`s hard to be the worst in such a low rent league.


CNN prides itself on being neutral, but that is simply to do with a world view that believes that centre-left is by definition more neutral than centre-right. This is wrong. What they see in their fading numbers is the lack of confidence viewers have in their ability to spin the news, since Fox is avowedly traditionalist, whilst MSNBC makes no bones that it's leftist. You have to be honest. If you have a bias, don't hide it. In a post-internet world, we have outlets for our political viewpoints and have experience realising when something is rigged one way or another.

Also, I like Anderson Cooper. But his genteel Vanderbilt manner is surface only -- he a lacks gravitas with his 80s Breakfast Club-like accent and giggly demeanour. He's never going to be the new Bernie Shaw, CNN. Cut him loose.


That American Morning show is a joke! John Roberts and that Chetry woman. One credible journalist (Roberts) and one teleprompter reading bimbo. Bring back Miles and Soledad!

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