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TV's top dog

Very appropriately for the end of a decade that went to the dogs a long time ago, the folks at AOL's PawNation.com polled readers to find out their favorite TV canine. The results:

Frasierdog Eddie (Frasier) -- 27 percent 

Brian Griffin (Family Guy) --  22 

Flash (Dukes of Hazard) -- 16 

Petie (Little Rascals) -- 13 

Comet (Full House) -- 5 

Huckleberry Hound -- 5 

Jack (Little House On The Prairie) 3 

Blue (Blues Clues) --

Tiger (The Brady Bunch) --

Reckless (The Waltons) -- 0.7

Some obvious omissions: Lassie and Rin Tin Tin were included in the movie category, and Snoopy in the comic-strip category. Also, it should be noted that my cat Panchito says this is the stupidest poll since the one that said Dewey would beat Truman.  


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Curious to see what take Family Guy will have with this poll. Will Brian become a demented serial stalker or will he start a campaign for a recount of the votes?

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