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ABC cancels 'Ugly Betty'

Its inspiration, the Spanish-language Betty La Fea, lives on endlessly in the telenovela world. But Ugly Uglybetty Betty has dropped its last stitch. ABC announced Wednesday that this season will be the last. (The network also cut the number of episodes in this fourth season from 22 to 20.) Once a big hit, Ugly Betty went into ratings decline a couple of years ago, a decline that steepened when ABC moved it to Friday nights. A last ditch attempt to reverse the death spiral earlier this month by moving it behind ABC's hugely popular Wednesday-night comedy bloc failed...and that's that.


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Capitan Justicia

It's a shame it was cancelled. The original Colombian version is still the best, though.


I quit watching her just about a year and a half ago, during the presidential campaign, she got to political off camera and that did it for me, did not like her, so I quit watching. wish these actors and actresses would leave politics out, thats why law and order which use to be so good, is gone down, I start to watch then it starts, all politics, I do not need that, when are they going to realize that liberals and conservatives watch their shows and when they insult the conservatives , they think we are going to keep watching, forget it.

Mike Medrano

This is the way the networks decide to end a show that is too expensive to produce.
It's done deliberately. First they decided to change the filming location from L.A. to New York. Why? The show looked great. You didn't really need all those Manhattan exteriors. Think of the extra production costs involved.
Then, they start changing the time slots until the suits say "wow, we're not getting the audience we used to get. Guess we'll have to dump it".
Mission accomplished.

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