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FX's 'Archer': Maxwell Smart with a potty mouth

Good news. Remember that underwear-bomb-carrying guy who made it onto a plane last month even Archer though his own father warned the State Department that he was probably a terrorist? Quit worrying about it. The government was just helping the FX cable network shoot some episodes of its new cartoon spy spoof, Archer.

That's more palatable than any other explanation I can think of, and it certain could be true. Archer is a millennial (and very much R-rated) Get Smart that acerbically and hilariously plays on our post-9/ll fears that ``U.S. government intelligence'' might be a grim oxymoron.

Certainly the slapstick life at Archer's International Secret Intelligence Service resonates with some of the real-life tales that have leaked out of America's spy agencies.Read my full review in Thursday's Miami Herald.


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