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Keith Olbermann is reading this -- really! (Hi, Keith!)

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I often wonder what kind of misanthropes and misfits -- I say that with love and admiration -- read this blog. And now I know: the kind like Keith Olbermann! On MSNBC Monday night, overstocked with venom and apparently having exhausted his customary targets among Republicans, television hosts more successful than himself and other MSNBC staffers, Olbermann launched into a random tirade against me, calling me "for years the hands-down winner in any poll of newspaper TV writers or TV people as the TV critic the most in Fox's pocket, the farthest down the lunatic fringe rabbit hole." (I'm amazed that NBC, having just paid all that money to Conan O'Brien and his staff, still has money to commission polls on which TV critic is is furthest down the lunatic fringe rabbit hole. Is that NBC's new demographic target or something?) "Here," Olbermann continued, "we read Glenn Garvin in hopes of seeing something shrill and reactionary to affirm that we're on the money!"

Well, Keith, I can't say I'm surprised -- I thought I recognized your razor intellect in some of the reader comments about fluoridated water, the Trilateral Commission and George Bush's whereabouts on the day of the Kennedy assassination. But let me give you a belated public welcome to the blog. Hey, are we gonna be friends on Facebook, too?

For those of you wondering about Olbermann's claim that I'm "in Fox's pocket" -- well, he's still a mite cranky that I disclosed he was wearing a Bill O'Reilly mask and giving Nazi salutes during an appearance at TV critic's gathering in California in 2006. And that when he went on  the Tonight Show to deny it, I called him a liar. But heck, that's all water over the dam now, isn't it, buddy? Hey, be sure to click on some of the ads on this page, Keith. That's how we keep the shrill and reactionary stuff coming.


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Congrats! What a fabulous endorsement!!!

Rene Rodriguez

This is awesome. He should have you on the show for a debate.


Olbermann is a gutless coward and the biggest hack in the history of television.


Olbermann was right, Garvin is a lunatic.

Mark Barnard

Olbermann is rarely right. He's more hot air than anything else.

Good to see him called out like this.

Dave Johnson

"This is awesome. He should have you on the show for a debate."

Posted by: Rene Rodriguez | January 26, 2010 at 01:32 PM

Keith Olbermann does not debate anyone because he is a gutless HACK that would be exposed as a fraud. He would rather throw bombs from the safety of his desk.

Glenn, do not even respond to this lunatic. Being named WPITW is a badge of honor because you know you are doing something right. Olbermann makes these juvenile comments for attention...like a 3 year old throwing a temper tantrum. Ignore him just like O'Reilly...it drives him crazy...and that's not a long trip.


A test pattern could get better ratings than what MSNBC is currently getting.

Al Franke

Your Monday night final comments were extremely moving and certainly was one of the best short presentations I have ever heard. I wish to thank you for being a ray of hope when there is so much misunderstanding and as you pointed out, some people are still frightened but they don't know why. Your talk should be mandatory listening or reading by all school students and adults alike. Thank you for your honest commentary. I look forward each evening to someone who is not afraid to tell the truth and exhibits so much common sense.
Al Franke

A.M. Mallett

Outstanding ... you have a new fan.



The more ratings FOX gets, the more lunatic this Olberman becomes.

When his ratings get down to zero, this man will be in a straight jacket and will be confined in the cookoo's nest.


Charles Collins

Poor Keith! I want to be the Worst Person in the World!


Check out the link to what Glen was talking about:



Ha, great stuff. I do have a question about Keithy and his pals at the NFL. When Rush was denied a 10% stake in the St Louis Rams because he is so decisive, and the NFL wouldn't want a political pundit to be part of their group, why didn't we hear one person calling for Keithy-Boy to be removed from NBC Sunday Night Football broadcast? Seriously, who is more of the face of NFL Football, a 10% team owner or a broadcaster on the biggest football night of each week?


Who cares? No one I know...MSNBC has it's political slant to the left and FOX has it's decided slant to the right. Everyone knows that and you chose to watch what you agree with. What is truly annoying is a television critic pushing a political agenda. It's like bait and switch. Olbermann is right.

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