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MSNBC to Massachusetts: Drop dead!

Watching coverage of the Massachusetts senatorial election Tuesday night, I wondered if MSNBC was getting ready to cut off its cable signal to the state. Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, positively enraged that Massachusetts dared to elect a Republican, delivered two hours of nonstop bilious rage toward the state's voters, calling them "irrational" and "teabaggers," engaged in "a total divorce from reality," and hinting that they're vicious racists to boot.

If you watched CNN or Fox News last night, you got a balanced analysis of how Republican Scott Brown pulled off the political upset of the century (or, if you prefer, how Democrat Martha Coakley blew a dead solid electoral lock). Yes, I said Fox News, without irony. To be sure, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity made it clear they were rooting for Brown. But their shows also included a steady parade of liberal-leaning guests -- former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, former Dukakis campaign manager Susan Estrich, Democratic party strategist Mary Anne Marsh, NPR commentator Juan Williams and radio host Alan Colmes. And pollster Frank Luntz interviewed a panel of two dozen or so Massachusetts voters, most of them Democrats, about how they voted and why. Practically every conceivable perspective on the election was represented.

And on MSNBC, you got practically every conceivable expression of venom against Brown and anybody who voted him. From Maddow's dark suspicions that the election was rigged -- she cited complaints about a grand total of six ballots out of about 2.25 million cast -- to Olbermann's suggestion in the video up above that the same Massachusets voters who went for Barack Obama by a 62-28 percent margin had suddenly realized they helped elect a black guy and went Republican in repentance, the network's coverage was idiotic, one-sided and downright ugly.

Olbermann was simply outraged by the vote. "The teabaggers may have elected their first guy tonight," he declared as Brown rolled up a commanding lead. Just in case the connotations of the word teabag might be lost on his audience, he clarified his feelings: "I wanted to apologize for calling Republican Senate candidate, Scott Brown, an irresponsible homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, teabagging supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom he disagrees. I`m sorry -- I left
out the word 'sexist.'"

Maddow added dirty campaigner to the charges. Her sense of fair play was violated by a Brown campaign ad in which his daughter complained about Coakley's attacks on her father: "Martha Coakley`s new negative ad represents everything that discourages young women from getting involved in politics, and as a young woman, I`m completely offended by that," the daughter said in the ad. Sniffed Maddow: "It`s like using your kid as a human shield." Oddly, Maddow made no mention of the Coakley TV ad that started the exchange, which began: “1,736 women were raped in Massachusetts in 2008. Scott Brown wants hospitals to turn them all away...”

MSNBC's idea of "balancing" these rants was to interview former Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean. (His main insight: Coakley's loss was, honest to God, George W. Bush's fault.) When a third MSNBC host, Chris Matthews, timidly raised the possibility that Massachusetts voters were concerned about high government spending, Maddow snapped that such thinking was "irrational" and added: "To say it`s fiscally responsible to not reform health care is insanity... It`s a total divorce from reality."

(To be perfectly fair, I wouldn't have believed anything Matthews said, either, after he insisted that Richard Nixon's presidency crumbled not over Watergate but the recession of 1974.)

It may be too much to expect NBC, these days reduced to a national wisecrack, to be embarrassed over the frothing lunacy that passes for news coverage at corporate stepchild MSNBC. But both networks are part of the same news division. If news boss Steve Capus thinks his reporters can continue to appear with Olbermann and Maddow without suffering credibility contamination, he's dumber than whoever was behind the Leno/O'Brien late-night shuffle.


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ChickaBOOMer: MSNBC's Chump Change


Thank you for this analysis. It is spot-on. Well, what do you expect from a whorehouse network whose star player not only lies on a non-stop basis, but also is too cowardly to ever debate any of his opponents? MSNBC: The "s" stands for slander. The "c" stands for cowardice.


You quote Olbermann, Maddow and the those from Fox without providing the full context. You mention CNN without much of a comment. Second, you fault Olbermann and Maddow for expressing opinions and call their views as "venom", yet you refer Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity as "rooting for Brown". How is it different?

The Coakley TV ad of women who were were raped and a candidate who uses their children to attack their opponent are totally different. One uses facts and the uses the hurt of children. Something to ponder---Why are the first family's children off limits to the media?

People who voted for Mr Brown are those who are frustrated with a short attention span, are only sparsely educated on the issues, and live in a bubble. It is not referendum on President Obama. He is only a new flavor on the block. Massachusetts, does not speak for the nation.

Brown comes along a riding his pick up truck---creating the image of blue collar guy. Only problem Coakley & the media failed to point out that he owns 4 homes and a time-share in the Caribbean. Later he in that pick up truck again putting on a man-of-the-people show while he went to vote. A metaphor of things to come?

Hardly a blue collar guy.

Massachusetts you will get what you asked for-----a slick BS artist.


I wondered how someone couldn't see how venomous saying that a political opponent is an "irresponsible homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, teabagging supporter of violence against women...And sexist" as Mr. Olbermann did on live TV just because he disagreed with Sen. Brown.

Reading the post defending Mr. Olbermann by using similar name calling and insulting tactic to describe the voters of Massachusetts explains it all.

Name calling, bullying and outright personal attacks are quite different than disagreeing with and hoping someone wins an election. Open minded people see the difference while blind partisans are left to wonder the differences.


failed to point out that he owns 4 homes and a time-share in the Caribbean.

A lifetime of hard work and thrift can do that. But that's something liberals know nothing about.

When he died, my dad owned 16 rental units. He was blue collar all his life working as an electrician.


northendboy, thanks for proving the articles point. Hopefully when you grow up to be a man you can become educated.


To Jo: I hate to disappoint you, but I am middle age man with a PhD. Northendboy refers to the the North End of Boston, the place where I grew up. It is a very blue collar Italian neighborhood.

If you disagree, fine but it should not be personal.

To PA: Hard work and thrift is not the only reason why people succeed. It is complex with a number of factors at work. There are many people who work hard and toil, yet they can not get ahead or even own a home. A number of major cities are faced with their police and fire departments being forced to live elsewhere. Why is that?

Diligence and steadfastness are not solely on one side of the political spectrum.

Not too many blue collar workers have more than more home, not mention a time share. Mr Brown has and continues to pull a fast one on the people of Massachusetts.


This is what happens when a left wing jock sniffer is given a venue to rant.


northendboy, I live twenty minutes from you and using my "sparse education” and "short attention span", I figured that is what the “northend” meant.
Yes, calling everyone who voted for Brown a “sexist, racist teabagger” is considered venom, even by people who “live in a bubble”.
Don’t make snotty and condescending comments about people and then play the victim.

Is that fine or too "personal"?


Excellent analysis....thank you.

More and more people are turning to FOX for many of the reasons you state here. Olbermann, Maddow, Schulzt and the others on MSNBC obviously do not think very highly of the American people unless we agree with their extreme leftest views. MSNBC's condescending attitude and lack of respect for ALL of its viewers, including of course those in Massachusetts, is again more indicative of why they continue to face increasing obstacles.


Nothing better than dropping unwanted tea-bags on the face of liberals. The Tuesday Tea-bag party in Boston was almost as good as the Sox winning the series in 2004. Buy stock in chapstick, libs, many more tea-bag sessions heading your way.





I wouldn't flash that PhD cred out there too much: it serves as a highlight as to why that degree is supremely over-rated these days.

Here's a tip:
Every political loss is not the work of the devil. Every win isn't a sign your guy/girl walks with the angels.



I am an Italian American Saugus boy whose grandparents live in the North End. Your words ring true to me, except I would change them a bit:

In 2008 the whole country got what it asked for-----a slick BS artist.


If their ratings continue like this, we won't have to endure their tripe much longer.

Here's hoping Comcast can provide a better news product than GE could.


Keith just can't stand that he ended up on the wrong side of the teabag.


I saw the exchange between Maddow and Matthews, in which Maddow basically asserted that Brown and his supporters were divorced from reality in expressing concerns about government spending running amok.

Her "evidence" to the contrary was that these folks (according to her) didn't utter a peep when the same things (again, according to her) happened in the previous administration. And health care reform would reduce the deficit, she said, so all the discontent was based on a lie.

Talk about divorced from reality. Three points:

1) Federal spending was 21% of GDP in 2008 and then shot up to 26-28% in 2009. Deficit was 3% of GDP in 2008 and shot up over 10% in 2009. Does Ms. Maddow not think this could cause some genuine increased angst among voters?

2) No serious person believes that health care reform would reduce the deficit. Even the CBO reports containing such estimates are filled with caveats as to why that projection is unrealistic and should not be believed.

3) While she's right that some of the spending (TARP) began in the last administration, she's wrong in saying no one on the center-right objected. Conservatives *did* express those concerns in 2008 when that happened, and with-held some of their support for Republicans in the 2008 election because of it. Democrats were elected in 2008 not because the center didn't care, but because they didn't trust R's to fix it. Now they have learned that the D's intend to pile up the deficit-spending rather than to corral it.

She's living in a fantasy world where she can dismiss the impassioned concern of countless voters. Unfortunately for her, these concerns are real, as are the voters who hold them.

Paul B.

I give you credit for even being able to watch this sludge. I consider it a public service to do so and then report on their shameful coverage. Thank you.


Great article and "spot on". When I was quite sure that the vote was going for Brown I switched to MSNBC just to watch their heads explode - almost as much fun as seeing Brown win!

If you wanted a serious conversation about why Brown won, FNC was the go to network...all points of view were on display. CNN not as much but they were fairly balanced as well.


The lunatics have taken over the assylum not just in this administration but over at MSNBC.


"To Jo: I hate to disappoint you, but I am middle age man with a PhD. Northendboy refers to the the North End of Boston, the place where I grew up. It is a very blue collar Italian neighborhood".

Northendboy.. I used to tend bar in the now defunct European on Hanover Street in the 80s, when I was in grad school. Every time Teddy Kennedy was in town he was in a booth in the back of the place getting his snoot full with a different your chick.

Your PhD. doesn't impress. Over the years, it has become painfully clear to me that academia is populated with intelligent fools.

Man from Gloucester

Northend "Boy"

PHD.......hehehe......Piled hip Deep.

I got a tea bag for ya


The "children" in question are 19 and 21.

Are we supposed to believe that adults of legal voting age have to be silenced? Or that if they speak up, their parents are exploiting their poor kids?


Liberals hate white people. White liberals hate white people the most.


So Brown is a farce, a sham and not a "man of the people" because he owns 4 homes and a time share?

Something I'm sure a Kennedy could never relate to! He ONLY owns 4 homes? And he "shares" a place in the islands with common folks? The horror!!

tedkennedy's Ghost

I'm rolling over in my grave right now. I can't believe that a teabagging, racist, sexist, homophobe is occupying my seat. I may have been a racist, sexist murderer but at least I wasn't a racist. I did my part by voting for Marcia from the grave, but you racists in MA just didnt want to see a black man as president. You are all racists. That's enough of my ranting, I have a poker game with Hitler, Stalin, and Mao I have to attend.


I like watching MSNBC when the dems lose elections. It's hilarious.

The funnies ever was wathich the "dear-in-the-headlights" look after 2004 when all the exit polling said Kerry would win big and state after state went to GWB. Classic.

Olbermann is fine on MSNBC. It's a network for crazy people and crazy people deserve their own network, darn it! I do wish, however, that they would take him off the NFL pre-game show. I don't want to have to look at his mug just to get ready for a football game.


He's the reason I never watch the NFL pre-game show

Mel Z.

Northend "Boy" is just that...a boy. Liberals do not deal with facts. They believe they are morally superior and their intentions are superior. They will gladly delude facts to fit their intentions. Sounds like a spoiled child arguing for candy or something.

Bottom line -- Martha Coakley couldn't even spell the state she's in. She is the definition of machine political output. The NE Boy is going to argue she's more competent and a better candidate than Scott Brown.

Wow. Keep eating your Gerber and crying Boy.


Glad someone brought up Ed Schultz, another MSNBC commentator, who just days before the election declared that he would engage in election fraud to prevent Brown from being elected.

Kinda establishes the ethics of the whole crew over at MSNBC



I am an Italian American Saugus boy whose grandparents live in the North End. Your words ring true to me, except I would change them a bit:

In 2008 the whole country got what it asked for-----a slick BS artist. - Steve [/quote]

Steve - kudos to your last line. :) Took the words right out of my mouth.


"People who voted for Mr Brown are those who are frustrated with a short attention span, are only sparsely educated on the issues, and live in a bubble."

Ah yes, the tried and true liberal excuse for lost elections... "The voters are too dumb to understand our greatness!"

It's never your idiotic socialist policies, it's always "the message" that causes you to lose. Yes, keep thinking that way. Please push harder to the left now. I'm begging you. Seriously. I want you to try it. Go full Marxist throttle on us dumb voters.


The Democrats have fled!
Obamacare is dead!
They tried to shove it down our throats!
We teabagged them instead!


"A number of major cities are faced with their police and fire departments being forced to live elsewhere. Why is that?"

Probably because liberals run the failed cities. Detroit is your ugly baby. Come claim it.

Chris in CA

I can't watch MSLSD, aka MESSNBC. It's a freak show, and all the freaks are angry, name-calling haters.

Likewise, I haven't been able to watch speeches by Obama for a long time, because I don't own a shovel and waders any more. I don't hate Obama, but I don't believe a word he says. Evah!


MSNBC is nothing but the KOS on cable. They're setup to market to leftist loons and their audience is directly proportionate to the loon population in the country (about 10% to 15%). So we have loons yelling out to loons. There has to be a place for crazies to congregate.

They're irrelevant...let's keep it that way and not give them the attention they crave.

TedKennedy's Ghost

All of the people of MA are a few fries short of a Value Meal. MMMMM!!!!! Value Meals. I miss those things. I can't get them in Hell. Sorry to get off subject. I wanted to say that all of us Liberals think that the American public is stupid. We know what's best for you, that is why we shove our legislation down your throats before you get a chance to read it. We know that if you do read it you will see that it's bad for you but good for our union buddies.


Ouch it's gotta sting. A lot of folks bounced in to see MSNBC to revel in their pain. The denials were pure entertainment even if it couldn't last one news cycle.

"More Socialism, pleazzzz." Signed, the staff of MSNBC.


Sorry Northendboy - you're just flat out lying. 2 of the 'homes' you are referring to are student rental apts near BC. And OMG - he owns a timeshare. Actually for that people should think twice about voting for him or any other politician who fell for a time share.

Secondly "1,736 women were raped in Massachusetts in 2008. Scott Brown wants hospitals to turn them all away." is a flat out lie. He sponsored a conscience amendment that allowed an individual not to dispense the plan B pill if they had a religious objection to abortion. That doesn't turn anyone away.

Try to at least come up with something plausible to say.


For northendboy: can you give me an equally heinous statement from any other commentator mentioned in the article that matches the rancor, borderline slander and sheer stupidity of Olbermann's remark?

Can you explain Matthews saying on Maddow's show that all conservatives are hypocrites?

Can you explain Maddow clinging to some piece of the CBO's report that pretends the health care bill will save the taxpayer money?

You seem to have, like the majority of my liberal friends (who are avoiding me at the moment), a tolerance for invective from your liberal pundits but little patience for the same from conservatives.

I can only shake my head when usually intelligent people say they feel like throwing up due to Brown's election or that they hope that health care costs go to 25% of GNP to teach Americans a lesson.


Mr Garvin:
I can't believe that the Miami Herald let you publish this mean article about your allies at MSNBC. You should be focused on destroying Sara Palin and the right-wing extremists. Shame on you for exposing the truth.


northendboy got no tingle running up his leg


Thanks. I was starting to wonder if it was just me.


Can't get too much more more pathetic than northendboy.

He admonishes the rest of us: "If you disagree, fine but it should not be personal."

Mind you, that admonition comes AFTER Mr. Pathetic from the northend has endorsed Olbermann's charaterization of Senator-elect Brown as being: "an irresponsible homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, teabagging supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom he disagrees."

Nothing 'personal' I'm sure, right northendboy? What a loser!


Looks like northendboy was bragging about his Phd in women's studies or maybe liberal arts. There isn't a whole lot you can do with an "education" in those fields of study. Thought he was cool sitting in those classes, but now he knows he missed the train. Sucks to be you.

Texas AV8R

I just wish Colonel Brown had mentioned that he is looking forward to working with Lieutenant Kerry.


Both Fox News and MSNBC employ opinion makers who are passionately behind their respective parties. However, the all-important difference is the vehemence and personal attacks that MSNBC levels against its 'enemies' that you will never, ever seen coming from anyone on Fox News. Even as hard-right Hannity and O'Reilly are, you will never hear ugly slanderous personal attacks on people who hold a different opinion than they do. Don't believe me? Watch their shows one night to see. Then turn to watch just 15 mins of Olberman, and you'll see his vicious, personal attacks on people who hold a different opinion than he does. The difference is, folks on the right RESPECT that everyone might not agree with them, while folks on the left seem to take it personal when people don't agree with them, and they lash out as if they themselves have been attacked. The left has alot to be ashamed about, but they first need to recognize this behavior. The ratings of Fox News vs MSNBC proves that the public finds these personal attacks distasteful and off-putting.


I cannot believe someone in the Mainstream Media has finally called these hateful people what they are: out of control whackos. MSNBC has gone so far over the line on so many occasions, I no longer watch anything that is on NBC and I boycott all GE products.

The assault on democracy by these hateful people is pathetic. Thank you for your voice in the woods. I know FoxNews has Lanny Davis on often, and he is a very smart man, even though he is a democrat.


Northendboy - I trust your PHD is in a hard science. If not, I would shut the F up. My guess it's in an utterly useless/worthless discipline ending with "studies". Your diploma < toilet paper.


Does any SANE person even watch MSNBC?

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