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Pssst! How to watch DirecTV in every room of your house!

ATT is starting to roll out its ATT-Uverse service, a broadband version of satellite or cable television, in a big Attuverseway. Uverse is now available in 22 states, including Florida, where AT&T reps are going door-to-door to flog the service. One of the principal selling points: A show recorded on the Uverse DVR can be seen on any receiver in the house. That is, you can start watching a show in the living room, pause it, and finish up in the bedroom.

Don't think that's gone unnoticed at the Big Kahuna of satellite television, DirecTV. The company has been working on a program called Multi Room Viewing for several months now, and finally is testing a beta version. The good news: You can get it right now if you've the most current version of DirecTV's DVR. The industry journal Multichannel News' satellite-TV blog has instructions for downloading the software, along with the precise equipment requirements to make it work.


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