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Why NBC can't let Jay Leno go

The headline result of a Rasmussen poll released Wednesday -- that when asked if NBC is mistreating Obrienmonkey Conan O'Brien, Americans are about equally divided between yes, no, and I care even less about that than I do about learning how to calculate pi to the 37th place -- is utterly mundane. But tucked away in the fine print is an interesting factlet. Among hard-core late-night TV viewers (the 9 percent of Americans who say they watch every night), 41 percent say they'd be more likely to watch the Tonight Show if Jay Leno returns as host. Only 20 percent say they'd be less likely.

That is, while O'Brien and his younger demographic may represent the future of late-night TV, Leno represents the here and now. And until Nielsen starts handing out bonus rating points for long-range planning skills, the here and now is what counts.


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Rosa St.Claire

I enjoyed this article tremendously because of Garvin's sense of humor and writing skills.

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