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A Crist-Rubio debate on Fox News?

Cristrubio I wonder if this has ever happened before -- a nationally televised debate during a senate primary electional election. Fox News has offered to air a debate between Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and former state house speaker Marco Rubio on March 28, to be hosted by network anchor Chris Wallace on his Sunday show. (Wallace's program also airs on Fox broadcast stations.) Rubio has accepted; no word from Crist yet.


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I think Crist should take the challenge.. Marco Rubio will be on Fox news today(FEB10) at 4pm. Lets hear him say all the things the people want to hear... lol

Sam Howff

Tim Russert had senatorial candidates on his show all the time...oh, I forgot, you only watch fox.


Read it all Sam Howff - Senatorial Debate.

Sounds intriguing. It'll be an interesting contrast in styles. I wonder how they'll each fashion their rhetoric.


It's amazing to see the GOP turn against one of its own. This is a no-win situation for Crist. Rubio probably already knows the questions that will be asked on this FOX sham. Not that I care about the Republican party...but Crist should run as an independent.


If the Republicans are still looking for their Golden Kennedy, Rubio has the potential to be it. He is articulate; conveys conviction; and actually appeals to the masses by sharing their concerns and presenting plausible solutions. I'm not a Republican but I'm rooting for Rubio.


Fox News should do this debate and the hell with the rest of the "Lame Stream Media". The rest of the media will just turn the facts around, just like they always do.

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