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Charlie Sheen to rehab

Charliesheen I am shocked, shocked, to report that Charlie Sheen has taken a leave of absence from Two And A Half Men to check into a rehab clinic.


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An Ultrasound Tech

Luckily, we still have some other famous people who go to a rehab clinic not for check but help sick people. For example, Top Gun star Kelly Mcgillis has signed up as a volunteer at a drug and rehabilitation center in New Jersey. It is the news in this April. Thank you for sharing your information with us!

amway australia

Sheen's Work Record Is Spotty at Best....

Christian Charity

Thanks for sharing! Charlie sheen is to start in his new sitcom on a cable network. It's funny as he was ditched from 2 1/2 men.

hot jobs

He has been having these problems lately so it is no surprise but applaud him for making the effort. Some stars don't even bother with rehab.

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