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Fat city: Bummer week in the Fitness Challenge


The Miami Herald Fitness Challenge now has an official theme song: the old Nat King Cole record Smile. You remember it: Smile though your heart is aching/smile even though it's breaking . . . Light up your face with gladness/hide every trace of fatness . . .

Yeah, yeah, Cole didn't sing it exactly that way. But Lisett Araujo, Andrew Richardson and I know what he really meant. At our last weekly weigh-in, the three of us lost a total of two pounds. Andrew and Lisett dropped a pound apiece; I was dead even, though I would have been three pounds lighter if not for the weight of the giant dagger Lisett plunged deep in my back.

The news from the scale threw the three of us into a collective funk. ``I don't understand it,'' brooded Lisett. ``I've been working really hard on this -- I can't even remember the last time I had a pizza or a hamburger or a chocolate cake. I really miss those things -- especially if I'm only losing a pound.'' Read my full story about this depressing week of the Fitness Challenge in Tuesday's Miami Herald.


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