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How to beat 'American Idol'

Skating I don't see why network programmers fret so much about counterprogramming American Idol. Whupping it in the Nielsens is easy. Just spend to $2 billion to acquire the TV rights to the Olympics, and the rest takes care of itself. NBC's Olympics coverage, which last week ended a six-year-long winning Nielsen streak for Idol, beat it again Thursday night. InAmericanidol2 head-to-head competition for the 8 p.m. hour, NBC had 19.2 million viewers, Fox 18. million. You're welcome guys. My people will call your people to tell you where to send the check.

PS: Of course, my strategy is null and void in South Florida. The Miami-Fort Lauderdale area, which had been running 55th in major metro markets in Olympics viewership, has now dropped to 56th, dead last.


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Before NBC gets too self-congratulatory, the Olympics (which I have been watching and enjoying) only beat the hour long Results show on Thursday night. Idol handily beat the Olympics on Tues and Wed for the 2 hour apiece performance shows.


You don't have to beat it, just don't watch it.

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