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Judge Judy: No. 1 for 13 years and counting

Just in case you've lost track, when Judge Judy finished first among half-hour court shows on Feb. 7, it was Judgejudy the 700th week in a row the cranky Judy Sheindlin has been on top. That's not one of those hyperbolic numbers like 1.2 gazillion that I sometimes throw around. Really, 700 weeks in a row. Since Sept. 22, 1996. That's so far back that Bob Dole was an actual presidential candidate who hadn't begun his career as a pervy Viagra spokesman yet. Osama bin Laden didn't live in a cave yet. There was only one Law & Order, and no CSIs at all. In other words, it was before the beginning of recorded history.

By the way, this post will also mark the 700th time in a row Judge Judy bawls me out for using the word cranky in the same paragraph with her name. I expect she will ritually slit the throat of a young publicist and drink his blood to commemorate the occasion. Check YouTube later in the week for details.


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