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Vampiro or vampire, whatever -- 'Gabriel' is scary

Listening to tales of her roommate's erratic new boyfriend -- he never calls, doesn't seem to have a job, Gabriel and shows up only after dark -- the young woman nods sympathetically: ``This sounds more like a horror movie than a romantic one.'' Good guess, and she hadn't even seen the fangs yet.

Gabriel: Amor inmortal (Gabriel: Immortal Love; Echo Bridge, $23.99), when it aired in 2008, marked the Spanish Broadcasting System's bold attempt to break away from Spanish-language television's fatigued (if lucrative) telenovela model: a weekly series rather than a nightly soap, featuring characters who were ravenous vampires rather than peasant girls being wooed by rich Prince Charmings.

Whether it was a business success and what impact it will ultimately have on the industry remains to be seen. But now that it's finally accessible to English-speaking viewers on a subtitled DVD, Gabriel is indisputably one rip-roaring piece of television. Read my full review of Gabriel: Amor inmortal in Sunday's Miami Herald.


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vampire art

Nice... I like those fangs!

Jenna Schrock

Wow! Finally, Spanish TV is starting to make more innovations like Los Angeles - and a fantasy/horror genre is the right choice of genre! It'll take a lot of cosmetic skills for the looks and costumes too! ..and probably a dentist for those vampire fangs LOL.

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