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Another sinking show at CNN

Anderson Cooper and the rest of the prime-time gang aren't the only ones at CNN with imploding ratings. Kiranchetry The network's early-a.m. American Morning show has lost 30 percent of its audience over the past year and is now getting its butt kicked in the 25-to-54 age demo by Robin Meade over at CNN's scrawny cousin, HLN. Whether that's more humiliating than the fact that Fox News' Fox & Friends has more viewers in the 25-to-54 demo than American Morning's total audience is probably a question only the company shrink can answer.

In any event, CNN is now testing a new morning show where the hosts of different ideologies would smack one another around. If you think that sounds like a ripoff of Fox & Friends or MSNBC's Morning Joe, I say, you are sadly mistaken. What we really have here is a ripoff of Groundhog Day, with CNN boss Jon Klein replacing Bill Murray. Poor Bill -- I mean, Jon -- just keeps having to kick ratings-malnourished morning hosts overboard, each time proclaiming that this time he's really got the goods.

Really: Just look at all the tombstones in the CNN morning burial ground: Daryn Kagan. Leon Harris. Paula Zahn. All those various O'Briens. That new hole they're digging way out by the back fence is for Kiran Chetry, who took over one of the American Morninganchor chairs in April 2007 after Soledad and Miles O'Brien were interred. "One look at her tells you why she deserves the slot," Klein said at the time. "She's a fantastic anchor. She lights up the screen. And she's got a passion for news." Which soon, I'm guessing, she'll have to requite by reading her morning paper.


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Brian Donnelly

Kiran Chetry is truly the reason that I watch American Morning. It would be sad to see her go.


we watch because she's hot, not because she's particularly good at her job.


Amazing how a big deal is made about whether Bush wiped is hand on Clinton on CNN and the sister looser channel MSNBC. Meanwhile VP Biden acts like an low class ass in front of the empyty suit President and everyone of the "media " laughs.
What ever happen to journalist. OH , yeah, they are on FOX. Don't believe me, ask America with Fox ratings.
F---gk ME! Learned that from JOE!


See ya at FOX and the real Joe on CNBC!!!
Kiran is hot , though! Loved her when she was on FOX. Sorry she dropped down to a skirt on CNN!

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