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CBS offers another NOT-Made-In-Miami show

Well, it could be South Florida. That medevac helicopter does have MIAMI-DADE lettered on the side. All the Miamimedical environmental cues are correct: ocean waves, blue skies, palm trees. . . . Wait, freeze the frame for a second. Are those mountains in the background? Sigh. Miami Medical is another TV faker, using Southern California as a sun-and-sand body double for South Florida.

``Well, we did fly over a couple of times, got some good aerials,'' protests Jeffrey Lieber, executive producer of the drama that premieres at 10 p.m. Friday on WFOR-CBS 4. ``We even did a little stuff on the ground. But . . . OK, I know how you feel.

``Visually, you can double Long Beach for Miami pretty successfully to people from 49 states in America. But you guys are going to know. I live in Venice [Calif.], where Showtime shoots Californication, and I know the feeling of, `Yeah, that's Venice.' And I understand completely the frustration of people from Miami who are going to be saying, `That's not Miami. That's not our city; that's not even our state.' ''

If there were an Emmy for Location Most Frequently Counterfeited in a TV Show, South Florida would be a shoo-in. Ever since Miami Vice -- which did shoot here -- exposed the visual and plot possibilities of tropical noir, TV producers have been trying to pull it off without all the time, trouble and expense of actually doing the shows here. Read my full Herald story on Miami Medical.


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I hate when shows do this. How many times is CSI: Miami going to identify someone by their front license plate. Or have a grisley bear attack someone in the everglades. Or identify a Florida Panther as a mountain lion.

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