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Getting advice from a REAL Loser

We've reached End Times with The Miami Herald Fitness Challenge. With just a few days left in our three-month contest to lose weight, I'm constantly looking over my shoulder.Andrew Richards wears a knowing grin -- he's a few pounds ahead of me in weight loss -- and I don't believe for a minute that Lisett Araujo brought that machete to work so that she could cut the grass in front of the building.

So with tensions running high, I decided to consult the world's greatest expert on how to lose weight while not being murdered in your sleep by ruthless competitors. I'm speaking, of course, of Pete Thomas, who lost 185 pounds during the second season of NBC's The Biggest Loser but was nonetheless voted off the show by his perfidious teammates.

"Your competitors do sound treacherous, especially that Lisett," said Pete, who, as an ex-fat guy, has been following the Fitness Challenge with vicarious pleasure. "But I don't think they're anywhere near as bad as ours were on The Biggest Loser. One of the guys -- really -- sent me a box of chocolates." Read my full story on the Fitness Challenge in Tuesday's Herald. And watch the video above to see Andrew, Lisett and me tortured by the Brazilian Buttmaster.



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