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Ho-hum: Another Nielsen massacre by Fox News

It's getting to be an old story, but Fox News continues to climb upward in the ratings. Nielsen numbers Tv released Tuesday show Fox News had its best quarter ever in total round-the-clock viewers, and its second-best ever in prime-time hours. It had the top 13 programs in cable news, while every show at CNN and MSNBC suffered double-digit percentage drops in either total viewers, the prime 25-to-54 age group, or both. And there are probably some silent alarms going off at MSNBC. Not only did Keith Olbermann's show lose 26 percent of its overall viewers and a whopping 42 percent in the target demographic, but the show's best ratings of the quarter were in March -- when Olbermann, out with a family illness, didn't appear at all.


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Olbermann and Maddow are ratings poison, in addition to being twerps. The sooner MSNBC gets rid of them the better.


Why do people call Fox a news station? They're just over-opinionated fools that cater to a low intellect audience.


Until CNN and MSNBC lose their "liberal view of the world" -- they will never be respected by viewers and will continue to have low ratings well below that of Fox news.


Fox does not report the news, they are owned by the extreme right. I do watch them, I like to see what those idiots have to say, they are entertaining. Funny all those crazy stories they invent.

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